Patent drafting, prosecution and validation

We offer services of patent attorneys, who are experienced in drafting and prosecution of patent applications before Polish Patent Office and European Patent Office. We support our clients in obtaining and maintaining patent rights and utility model rights.

We cooperate closely with the Applicant and prepare the application in order to protect the invention in a complete way. After the application is filed, we prosecute with the application until the grant. At the same time we offer our clients ways to obtain protection abroad through PCT and direct-EP or national filings. Owing to our extensive network of trusted partners from all over the world we can offer our clients a professional service around the world.

As European Patent Attorneys we represent our clients before EPO stating from drafting and filing of the patent application, entering into European regional phase with PCT applications or filing European patent applications under Paris Convention, prosecution until grant and performing validations in selected EPC states.

We perform a comprehensive service of validations of granted European Patents in Poland and other EPC contracting states. Our patent attorneys have successfully validated over 250 EP patents over the last years, and our team of translators has translated thousands of patent specifications. The team of paralegals is ready to handle your case, even at the last-minute, as well as to supervise the payment of annuities across the world.

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Trademarks and Industrial Designs

Our patent attorneys and specialists have experience with filing, opposition, invalidation and appeal procedures relating to Polish, European Union and international trademarks and designs.

The services in particular involve:

  • offering the opinion on registrability and similarity of a trademark and design before the Polish Patent Office and EUIPO,
  • preparation and filing of relevant trademark or design application to a desired office,
  • prosecution of the application till the protection is granted, including a reply to a provision refusal before the PPO and EUIPO for international registrations,
  • preparation and filing of oppositions and replies to an opposition relating to a registration of a trademark or design,
  • taking part in all aspects of trademark and design enforcement, including the courtroom and customs proceedings.


We perform litigation related to intellectual property rights and unfair competition acts.

We offer the support in all kinds of proceedings relating to an infringement of exclusive rights, copy rights and unfair competition acts. Our patent attorneys, cooperating closely with attorneys-at-law and legal counsels, represent our clients in the court proceedings relating to patent and trademark infringement, as well as in the opposition and invalidation proceedings before the Polish Patent Office, European Patent Office and EUIPO. We have taken part in patent invalidation and infringement proceedings in fields of technology ranging from chemistry, pharmaceuticals to mechanics and building materials.

Additionally, we handle customs seizures related to IP infringements through submitting the applications for customs protection (per EU Customs Regulation 608/2013). We have experience in successfully resolving domain names disputes arising from acts of unfair competition and trademark infringement.

Besides the litigation proceedings we support our clients in seeking an amicable solution of a dispute through negotiation and mediation.

Patent searches

Our team has extraordinary experience in patent searches. During last 10 years we have performed more than 200 of patent searches in various fields of technology, especially chemistry, pharmaceuticals and mechanics. In our searches we use commercial and industry-leading databases such as PatBase and STN®.

 Patent searches can be divided into the following types:
  • prior-art searches in order to assess the current state of the scientific field, which shall point out the directions of scientific research worth considering,
  • patentability searches aimed to evaluate whether the invention can be protected as a patent, which can be specifically useful before the preparation of a patent application,
  • freedom-to-operate searches for evaluating whether a particular product or technology infringes exclusive rights of other parties.
 The reports from patent searches can be also valuable during infringement proceedings.

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